Política de privacidad


Intellectual and Industrial Property

  • Users recognise and accept that the elements of the SITE and of each of its contents, products and/or services, together with its structure, sequence, organisation, content presentation, data bases, computer programs used in relation therewith, are copyrighted by EI/BSS or third parties. 
  • Thus, unless authorised by EI/BSS or by third-party title-bearers or if legally allowed, users will use the materials, elements and information to which they accede by means of the use of the SITE and of each of the services only for their own needs, under no circumstances commercially exploiting the services, materials, products, elements and information obtained thereby.
  • Users will abstain from suppressing signs of identification of intellectual or industrial property rights or any other rights belonging to EI/BSS or to third parties that appear in the SITE.


Procedure for Notification of Infractions

Anybody who considers the contents have been copied and that they are accessible on the SITE, in such a way that they constitute a violation of intellectual property rights or any other rights should get in touch with the EI/BSS service at ei-sev@eusko-ikaskuntza.eus, or in the legal address of EI/BSS providing the following information:

  • Name, surnames, national identity card number, address, telephone number and email address of the claimant or, if appropriate, of the person authorised to act on his/her behalf and representation.
  • Identification of the alleged unlawful activity and, in particular, in cases of alleged violation of industrial or intellectual property rights, a precise and concrete description of the protected contents together with their exact emplacement within the SITE.
  • An explicit declaration in the following terms: (a) that the information on the infraction of rights is accurate and truthful and that the claimant is legitimately entitled to the protected rights and (b) that the exploitation carried out is illicit and infringes rights. 


Personal data

In order to use or to have access to any of the services, products and/or contents of the SITE, EI/BSS may request of the users that they fill in certain register forms with personal data. Such personal data will be treated by EI/BSS in accordance with the terms detailed in the privacy policy. On filling in and sending the aforementioned forms to the SITE, the user explicit CONSENTS AND AUTHORISES EI/BSS to collect, computerise and pass on, if appropriate, such requested personal data in accordance with the purposes and conditions detailed in the aforementioned privacy policy.

EI/BSS has taken them will take any security technical and organisational steps that are compulsory in accordance with the legislation currently in force. However, users recognise and accept that Internet security measures are not infallible and that any communication sent through this means can be intercepted a modified by unauthorised people and that EI/BSS cannot guarantee full security in the use of the SITE.



Except if otherwise stipulated, all necessary notifications in accordance with these general conditions of use or any conditions that are in any way related therewith, will be sent in writing and by conventional mail to the EI/BSS legal address detailed below.



The clauses that integrate these General Conditions of Use constitute the formal and definite expression of the declaration of will of the parties. Any document or declaration that his previous to these General Conditions of Use have been definitely derogated.



Relinquishment by EI/BSS of any of the rights it may have in case of non-fulfilment of any of the clauses of the current General Conditions of Use should not be interpreted as a relinquishing and of the exercise of such rights against any other non-fulfilment of the same clause or of any other clause.


Duration and Termination

SITE service provision and the supply of services, contents and products provided thereby have an indefinite duration. It's indefinite duration notwithstanding, any juridical relationship will be considered immediately terminated when EI/BSS publishes new General Conditions of Use. Access and use of the site will imply full acceptance of the new conditions and the beginning of a new juridical relationship. 

In any case, EI/BSS is authorised to conclude or suspend the provision of SITE service and the supply of any of the contents, products and services therein at any time and unilaterally, with no other reason than its own will in this sense. 


Applicable law, language and jurisdiction

These General Conditions of Use are governed by Spanish law currently in force (with the explicit exclusion of conflict norms). Both users and EI/BSS are subjected to the decisions adopted by the Courts and Tribunals of Donostia - San Sebastian, explicitly relinquishing any other rights that could correspond to solve any controversy that could derive from the provision of SITE services, and of the products, contents and services that are in the subject of these General Conditions of Use. Likewise, the version in Spanish will be used in case of doubt, controversy or interpretation of the terms contained in the legal conditions herein. 

If the user lives outside Spain, as a user, he or she explicitly relinquishes any right that could correspond to jurisdiction outside Spain and, in the same way as EI/BSS, submits to the decisions of the Courts and Tribunals of Donostia – San Sebastián