Fuentes Documentales Medievales del País Vasco

Documentación medieval del Archivo Municipal de Pamplona (1129-1356)

Documentación medieval del Archivo Municipal de Pamplona (1129-1356)

Author[s]: Cierbide, Ricardo; Ramos, Emiliana

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This work is the first of two volumes which collect all the documentation of the Municipal Archive of Pamplona, from the donation of the Statute of Jaca to the Francs of San Cernín in Pamplona by Alfonso I "the Battler" in 1129 until the loss of the kingdom in the beginning of the 16th century. Among the documents included in this first part (1129-1356), there are the original and several copies of the afore-mentioned Statute, in which the king confirms the imperium of the bishop over the city. There are also numerous testimonies on the conflicts that take place from the beginning of the 13th century between the three jurisdictions in the city, Burgo de San Cernin, Población de San Nicolás and Navarrería, and which will experience their most tragic period in 1276 in the war between the bourgeois of the first two jurisdictions and the rich and wealthy of Navarre and with the destruction of the Navarrería. Another notable set of documents is the one which refers to the request that the merchants of San Cernín make as of 1253, to Alfonso X "the Wise" of Castille to use the port of San Sebastián and to obtain the free traffic of merchandise by land and by sea within his kingdoms, since they could not make use any longer of Bayonne as a consequence of the armed conflict in 1242 in which Teobaldo I took Guyenne. Such a variety of matters also produces the use of several languages in the drafting of the documents: Latin, Romance of Navarre, Occitanian, Castilian Spanish or French.




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